Regional Coordinators

The county will be divided into 5 regions by states as determined by geography and collegiate institutional density. There will be one coordinator for each region.

Region Coordinator Email
Northeast Dave Shiffman
Southeast Joan Sitterly
Mid Atlantic Patti Cleary
Midwest Linda Strapp
West Maggie Fanta

Regional Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Assist in creating and aligning all training, rating and observation materials.
  • Identify areas of their respective region of the country where there is or will be a shortage of officials.
  • Determine the need for levels of training and rating clinics within their region and identify appropriate sites for each of these clinics.
  • Coordinate training, rating and observation sites and dates at appropriate level of play where needed.
  • Identify and coordinate a training team to work with each region.

Technology & Communications Coordinator:Lellie Cherry