Board Members

Collegiate Women's Lacrosse Officiating Association Board (COA)

Title Name
Executive Director Patricia A. Daley
CWLOA Regional Coordinator Joan Sitterly
Assignor's Representative Linda Thayer
NCAA National Coordinator of Officials Melissa Coyne
NCAA Rules Secretary Stephanie Smith
USL Official's Development Liz Brush
USL Women's Game Caitlin Kelly
Official Lisa Clark
Official Jen O'Donnell
Official Mara Banfield
Division I Coach Janine Tucker, Johns Hopkins
Division II Coach Scott Tucker, Limestone
Division III Coach Alice Lee, Williams
Division I Athletic Director Cindy Lewis, Hofstra
Division II Athletic Director Betsy Feutz, Lindenwood

Division III Athletic Director

Division I Conference Commissioner

Division II Conference Commissioner

Division III Conference Commissioner

Special Consultant to Patricia A. Daley

Susan Fumagalli, Gettysburg

Morgan Rupp, Ivy League

Maryanne Simkulak, Sunshine State

Kimberly Wenger, Northwest

Barb Questa, St. Bonaventure