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The CWLOA is a nonprofit, professional organization for women’s collegiate lacrosse officials. The organization is charged with providing advocacy and leadership dedicated to ensuring the highest standards in collegiate officiating through the provision of education, training, rating, oversight while meeting the general needs of collegiate women’s lacrosse officials. The CWLOA collaborates and actively partners with the NCAA, IWLCA, and USL in this endeavor. CWLOA partner organizations are equally invested in officials achieving the highest standard possible for collegiate officiating.

What does the CWLOA hope for its members?

As the CWLOA Executive Director, I am committed to engaging the CWLOA membership, providing leadership, extending a vision for collegiate officials, and seeking and promoting resources to support the growth and improvement of the membership.

We hope for your membership, engagement in the education, training and rating process, and your commitment to be the best official you can be.

As part of your preparation for the upcoming Collegiate women’s lacrosse season, consider these ideas that may contribute to your success as a women’s lacrosse official:

  • Be prepared physically and mentally—the new rules and pace of the game will be a challenge. Embrace the challenge. Be physically fit and mentally prepared.
  • Be professional to all those around you…no matter the circumstances.
  • Be a good listener, communicator and teammate to your crew and to coaches and players around you. Make your crew the best crew!
  • Be fair and consistent in your thinking, decision-making, demeanor and calls.
  • Be a good communicator—verbally and non-verbally. Offer an answer to questions—not a thesis, just an answer using the language of the rules.
  • Be clear, consistent and crisp in your signals, mechanics and presentation.
  • Look the part and accept the challenge and responsibility of being a polished, professional, collegiate official. Be at your best each day you step on the field.
  • Keep up the hard work!

CWLOA Annual Requirements for Officials

All collegiate officials have transitioned to the CWLOA. CWLOA members have the following annual requirements:

  • Maintain annual memberships to the USL and CWLOA. ($50 USL, $35 COA)
  • Pass the CWLOA or NCAA annual rules test prior to officiating each season (The NCAA rules test must be taken and passed for those officials interested in being considered for NCAA Championships. These officials must be members of the Arbiter)
  • Maintain a 3 year Collegiate, Collegiate Select or National Elite CWLOA rating which expires on December 31st of the expiration year
  • Attend an NCAA rules interpretation or webinar prior to officiating each season